3 storey – 7.6m (25 foot) Fire Escape ladder


This ladder is highly recommended for anyone living in a  3-storey home. It attaches quickly to the window sill to enable a fast, safe exit.

This lightweight 7.6 metre (25 foot) ladder is easy to use, tangle-free and extremely strong (it will hold up to 450kg).

The ladder is always ready – no assembly is required. It is safe for use in any window over 400mm (16″) wide and less than 280mm (11″) deep (from interior to exterior wall). The product comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

A quality Fire Escape Ladder is one of the most important safety items for every 2 and 3-storey home.

Tens of thousands of house fires occur every year in Australia for a wide range of reasons and no house is immune from fire. The problem is that even a small fire that starts in the kitchen, for example, can take hold very quickly and engulf the home within minutes.

If you live in a double or triple storey home, this can obviously be a major problem should you be upstairs at the time, particularly if the fire breaks out at night when you’re asleep and you don’t become aware of it for a few minutes. By that stage, the stairs could be involved and you and your family may be in grave danger. A fire escape ladder will make all the difference in such a situation, by enabling you to quickly escape from a window.

When it comes to safety, being pro-active is what it’s all about. Every home should obviously have smoke detectors to alert you when a fire breaks out. And every double or triple story home should have a fire escape ladder. You never know when you may need it and it may be your only hope of escape when fire occurs!