Epipen Pouch


The Epipen Pouch allows for quick and easy access to life-saving medication for those who suffer from anaphylaxis. It is durable, lightweight and has a padded exterior and silver inner lining for extra insulation for your Epipen. It has belt straps so you can wear it at all times and also a keyring so you can hang it somewhere accessible. There is even an ID tag inside for you to put on your name and contact details.


The Epipen Pouch is a popular product as more and more people are carrying Epipens these days. It is important to be aware of temperature extremes when you own an Epipen. The Epipen Pouch is a quality product that helps to protect the Epipen from extreme temperatures as it is so well insulated. The pouch itself is bright yellow in colour with red trim for easy visibility.

The Pouch has a Velcro closure which allows for quick and easy opening and it has elasticised straps so that it can be worn horizontally across the waist or vertically, hanging from a belt.

The attached keyring also allows you to hang the Epipen Pouch in an easily accessible place so that you can quickly get hold of it in an emergency.


Additional information

Weight100 g
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