Glass Door and Window Decals


These Glass Door and Window Decals are ideal for preventing dangerous accidents that can so easily occur when a child runs into a closed sliding glass door. Each pack consists of 6 strips that are 26 x 9cm in size.



Serious injuries can occur when a child runs into a glass door. Even if the glass is safety glass and does not break or crack, the child can be left with a nasty bump or worse!

These Glass Door and Window Decals are visible from both sides of the door and help children (and even adults) to realise that the doors or windows are closed, thus helping to reduce the risk of accidents around the family home. .

They adhere with static cling and are exceptionally durable and reusable. They can easily be removed and then placed on the glass again. They should be moved higher and higher as your little one grows, obviously at the child’s eye level, so that they are more visible to the child. They are a very inexpensive way of improving safety and should be installed on all glass doors.

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Weight75 g
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