Skamper ramp


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Many pets can naturally swim, but often cannot find the steps to exit the pool. This quickly leads to panic, exhaustion and, in many cases, drowning!

The Skamper Ramp helps to reduce the risk of drowning, by enabling the animal to have a way out of the pool. The white plastic ramp attaches to the side of the pool, walled pond/lake, most docks, and even many boats and because all living beings see objects that reflect 550 nm-wavelength (white) light, animals can see it any time of day, and can “skamper” onto the ramp to safety.

The product is lightweight, chemical-resistant, weather-resistant, UV-resistant, durable, and strong.

Available on backorder


Numerous pets drown every year in Australian pools. They can swim, but cannot find the steps to get out. The Skamper Ramp is a quality product that has been designed to help deal with this serious issue.

Features and Benefits

  • Light and robust — very high weight-to-strength ratio, meaning that it can hold a few magnitudes times its own weight.
  • Chemical-resistant, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant — for use in pools, oceans, lakes and withstands direct sunlight and freezing cold.
  • Unbreakable — flexes but doesn’t break.
  • Feels good under animals’ paws — easy to get pets accustomed to climbing on it.
  • Durable — lasts through many years of continuous use (only the deck attachment rope may need to be replaced sooner).
  • Lightweight — easy for anyone to install and put into use.
  • Suitable for small to medium size dogs up to 90kg.


  • Length:102cm
  • Width: 33cm
  • Depth: 15cm
  • Weight Capacity: 90kg

Additional information

Weight3600 g
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