Stove Guard


The Stove Guard is an ESSENTIAL item for every home with young children. It is a heat resistant, poly-carbonate plastic that is easily installed in front of the stove hot plates or even along preparation counters and bench tops and helps to protect children from accidental scalds and burns, which can be life-changing injuries. It makes it a lot harder for them to reach up and pull down hot pots and pans or to be able to touch hot plates & burners. It is adjustable and can fit an area between 50.5cm and 96cm.



The Stove Guard is possibly one of the best child safety products for the kitchen, designed to stop children pulling hot food and liquids off the stove or kitchen bench.

Hot food and drinks can cause very severe burns and scalds in young children, sometimes leading to lifelong scarring and many years worth of surgery, not to mention a significant amount of pain and suffering. Supervision is always the best way to prevent injuries, but unfortunately a life-changing event can occur in the blink of an eye, especially in the kitchen.

The Stove Guard is a simple, yet highly effective, product and no home with small children should be without one.


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Weight3200 g
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