Crepe bandage (5-pack)


Crepe bandages can be used for a range of reasons, including to wrap up a sprain, for general purpose bandaging and, perhaps most importantly, as a pressure immobilisation bandage, which is the recommended treatment for snake-bites and bites from a few other venomous creatures.

They are an essential addition to any first-aid kit. This 5-pack contains 2 10cm crepes and 3 7.5cm crepe bandages.


These crepe bandages are constructed from a blend of cotton and polyurethane fibres (spandex), giving excellent stretch and memory, with overlocked fast edges.

Note: A single 10cm heavy crepe bandage will often retail for anywhere between $7 and $14. As such, this pack of 2 10mm and 3 7.5mm crepe bandages is very good value.

Additional information

Weight160 g
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