Bathroom safety

The bathroom can be a very dangerous place for little ones and so every parent, grandparent and carer should make themselves aware of some of the more important bathroom safety items that can reduce the risk of scalds and slips in the bathroom in order to protect our precious children.

The Bath Spout Soft Cover can help to prevent nasty bumps and even scalds and we have a range of non-slip products that can prevent children and also adults from dangerous slips on a wet bath or shower.

The Hector Tap Covers are an excellent safety item that can be used to prevent children form turning on the taps at any time, including when they’re in the bath, thus helping to reduce the risk of severe scalds and even flooding!

Of course, always watch your children when in the bath and never leave them in there alone, not even for a minute, as children can drown very quickly and quietly.

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