Heat Alert Anti Slip Bath Mats


The Anti-Slip Bath Mats (Heat Alert) is a product that can not only prevent nasty slips and falls in the bath or shower, but also lets you know when the water is too hot for your little one! When the temperature gets too high, the little mats change colour to let you know. The textured surface provides extra traction and the adhesive backing helps make them easy to install.



The Heat Alert Anti Slip Bath Mats are a great way to help make your bathroom safer.

They have a durable, textured surface which adds extra traction and the super strong self-adhesive backing makes them easy to install. You simply peel off the backing and apply the strips across the bottom of the bath or shower. They help to keep both adults and children safe from nasty bathroom falls and eliminate the need for messy bathmats that need to be washed and dried.

Best of all, their ability to change colour when hot enables mum and dad to quickly and easily see when the bath temperature is going too high for their little ones, thus helping to prevent nasty scalds.


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Weight75 g
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