Hector Tap Covers


Hot water can cause a life-changing scald in literally less than a second. This product helps to prevent serious scalds, by limiting a child’s access to the hot tap in the bath or laundry. It can easily be installed within a few seconds and no plumber is required!


Hector Tap Covers secure the taps in your bathroom, reducing the risk of severe scalding, which can be a life-changing event for a small child.

Thousands of Aussie kids are severely scalded every year, often in the bathroom when they accidentally turn on the hot tap, for example while playing in the bath. The results can literally be catastrophic and lead to painful and repeated skin graft surgeries for many years, not to mention severe scarring and even psychological issues as a result.

The Hector Tap Covers were invented to help deal with this problem. They provide an easy and yet inexpensive solution to a very real problem. Installing the product takes all of a few seconds and does not even require any tools or specialist knowledge. You simply press the finger grips located on both sides of the product in order to release the latch, place the product over the tap handle and then press the 2 halves together until the latch engages again. No drilling or glue is required and no damage will be caused to the taps. Parents can still easily gain access to the taps at any time in order to turn them on or off without delay.

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Weight240 g
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