Toilet Lock


The Toilet Lock helps prevent dangerous accidents in the toilet and also helps stop the spread of germs by keeping kids out! It also stops them throwing toys and other things into the toilet.

The Toilet Lock is very easy to install and fits almost any toilet, but is not recommended for wooden toilets.



The Toilet lock comes with a super-strong adhesive, which makes applying the lock quick and easy.

No tools are required for installation and the product is a great addition  to your bathroom safety checklist from one of the most trusted names in child safety products.

Children are inquisitive by nature and are often tempted to throw toys or even valuable items into the toilet. There are even cases on record where children have fallen into a toilet, which can obviously be very dangerous. The Toilet Lock helps to reduce the risk of all of these problems, by making it significantly harder for little ones to be able to open the toilet and get into trouble.


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Weight40 g
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