In an emergency, such as a crash or even a heart attack, it is essential that first responders have info about the cyclist’s medical history, such as allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, medications etc, as this info can literally make the difference between life and death on the side of the road.

Medical crew also need emergency contact information, so that loved ones can be made aware of what has occurred and where their loved one is being taken to.

The EMERGENCY Helmet ID system has been designed to attend to these issues. It speaks for you when you cannot speak for yourself!



The Emergency Helmet ID works as follows:

  • Step 1: Simply fill all of your medical and emergency contact details onto the included waterproof card and then insert this card into the highly reflective ID ‘sleeve’.
  • Step 2: This ‘sleeve’ is then fixed to the exterior left side of your helmet using a strong, specially formulated “Helmet Safe” adhesive.

Your vital information can then easily be accessed by emergency personnel should the need arise, without even removing your helmet! Both parts of our Helmet ID are highly reflective, being made using Scotchlite reflective material.

The system is also supplied with a durable ‘wallet card’ that you can also write your medical and emergency contact details onto as a secondary back up to the helmet ID. This can be useful if something was to occur when your helmet was off for any reason.

This product is clearly an essential safety item for any cyclist that is serious about their own safety!

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Weight28 g
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