P.I.E. Automatic fire ext. 1 litre


When a fire breaks out, quick action can make all the difference. However, most people have little knowledge or experience in handling a fire extinguisher and this can be a real problem.

P.I.E. is a fire extinguisher with 2 primary advantages over standard extinguishers:

  1. It can be used as an automatic fire extinguisher, by placing it in a fire-prone spot, such as near the stove. If it detects fire, it will crack open and spray fire extinguishing agent in all directions, extinguishing the fire automatically at an early stage before it has a chance to really take hold.
  2. For other areas in the house, like the bedroom or living areas, it can be stored somewhere handy and if a fire breaks out, it can simply be thrown into the fire to extinguish it, making it significantly easier to use than a traditional extinguisher.

It is effective against class A, B, C and E fires and is therefore applicable to most types of house fire.




P – Proactive Prevention

I – Instant extinguishing

E –  Easy application

Additional information

Weight1200 g
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