Safe T Sleep – Classic


The Safe T Sleep Classic is a top quality product that offers little ones a very wide range of benefits, which can not only help them get a more restful sleep, but improve their safety too.
The “Classic” size here is designed to fit a mattress for a:
  • Cot/Crib
  • portable cot
  • boat
  • caravan
  • standard single bed
  • aircraft cradle
  • bassinet
  • bassinet-pram
  • moses basket
  • hammock.
 It is made of cotton, is washable, lightweight, compact, practical and affordable and helps to maintain a safer sleeping environment for baby.
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The Safe T Sleep Classic has been used successfully by literally tens of thousands of parents over the years to deal with a very wide range of baby sleep issues.
It offers the following benefits:
  • Keeps face and head clear reducing suffocation risk.
  • Helps maintain a more secure, snug sleeping position.
  • Stops bubs rolling onto their tummy.
  • Prevents them becoming jammed in a corner or a bed end.
  • Stops them getting tangled in the bedding or swaddling.
  • Safely positions bubs with reflux, colic or colds.
  • Prevents accidents such as getting jammed in slats or climbing/ falling out of bed!
  • Great for visiting, camping etc.

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Weight3050 g
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