Royale Child Safety Barrier

A quality child safety gate is one of the best ways in which parents can reduce the risk of injury to their precious children.

For example, any home with stairs should clearly have a safety gate at the top and bottom of the stairs and they can also be used to keep children out of the kitchen, when cooking, for example.

It is important to understand the types of gates, so that you can purchase what will best suit your needs.

  • PRESSURE MOUNTED gates do not require drilling. They are quick and easy to install and are useful when you cannot drill, for example in a rental.
  • WALL-MOUNTED gates require drilling. They therefore take a bit more work, but are naturally somewhat more secure than pressure-mounted gates. This type of gate is usually best for a staircase, where it is essential that the gate is very securely mounted. Examples are the Broadway gate and the Retractable gate.
  • FREE STANDING gates, such as the Royal Converta 3-in-1, are becoming increasingly popular. They can be turned into a playpen to keep children playing in a specific area, but can also be opened up and used to close off a large gap.

The Chelsea gates are a popular pressure-mounted option, as there is a wide range of extensions available for them, meaning that they can be used to close off an area ranging from small to very large! Simply measure the size of your gap and then work out how many extensions you need to close the gap. Up to 2 extensions can be used on either side of the gate itself.

It’s worth mentioning that installation against a wall is usually easy, but it’s harder when on one side you have a banister or some form of structure that is not straight. The Gate Adaptor is a handy product that can be of benefit in such a case. It wraps around the banister and basically gives you a flat surface to mount your gate to.

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