Retractable Gate (black)


This gate can be used for very narrow openings or for bigger openings up to 140cm. When not being used, the gate simply rolls up into itself and is completely out of the way, so it is very space efficient!

It is suitable for doorways, hallways & stairs and is made of a durable mesh. It can be used indoors and outdoors as it is UV protected and is hardware mounted, so drilling is required. The gate itself is 81.5cm in height, although you require at least 3.5cm extra in terms of mounting the gate to the wall, as the mounting points are higher than the gate itself.

(Note – this video shows the white Retractable Gate, but it’s the exact same process as the black one).


The Retractable Gate is a very versatile gate. When closed, it functions like any normal gate. If necessary, it can be opened up fully and it actually rolls up into itself, as if there is no gate there at all! This makes it popular with grandparents too – when the grandkids are visiting the gate can be closed, and when they leave the gate is opened up and they don’t have to keep opening it and closing it every day when there aren’t even kids present!

It has an easy one-handed opening system and there is no tripping hazard. This gates has won awards from both iParenting Media and

Note: If mounting the Retractable Gate to a wall where there is a skirting board, this will push the bottom of the gate out. You therefore need to “build up” the wall at the top to match the thickness of the skirting board at the bottom, so that the gate stands straight. You should therefore purchase the “Retractabe Gate Spacers – Black” available in this section.


Additional information

Weight6000 g

No Spacer, With Spacer

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