Spacers (black Retract. Gate)


If you are going to mount the Retractable Gate to a wall where there is a skirting board, this will push the bottom of the gate outwards. You therefore need to push the top of the gate outwards too, so that it stands straight. These Spacers help to “build up” the wall area at the top equivalent to the thickness of the skirting board at the bottom.

(Note – this video shows the white Retractable Gate Spacers, but the process is exactly the same with the black ones).


The Retractable Gate is a very popular gate, as it can roll up into itself and is therefore completely out of the way when it is not being used, however spacers are very useful if mounting the gate where there is a skirting board.

Watch the video for a detailed explanation.

Additional information

Weight140 g
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