Royale Converta 3-in-1


This gate is a very versatile and easy way to keep little ones safe in any room of the house. It helps to provide a large play area for them almost anywhere and can extend up to 3.8m. It is 74cm tall.

The gate can be used in 3 ways:
1. It can be turned into a playpen for little ones to play in.
2. It can be opened up to create an extra-long gate to block off a very large area.
3. It can be used to close off a fireplace to keep little ones well away.


The Royale Converta 3 in 1 Play-Pen Gate is a fantastic, versatile play pen which can be used in so many ways at home. The six easy-to-adjust panels suit any type of home layout, and can be placed in any area or room around the home.

The panels can be opened to create an extra-long gate, or as a protective guard around a room, a door, a fireplace or more. As a play-pen, it can be set up in a variety of shapes, remaining large enough for your little ones to enjoy free space to play around in.

Constructed from durable, sturdy metal, the play-pen is safe and secure to use, and will last a long time. The panels have secure corner attachments to connect one another, and the compact design allows for them to be stored away easily.

The play-pen is portable, which makes it ideal for travelling and using in multiple areas around the home.

Additional information

Weight16000 g
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