Chelsea Doorway Gate


This gate is pressure-mounted, so no drilling is required. It is 75cm in height and can be used to block off an opening from 71cm to 82cm.

The extensions available can be used to block off an area up to 482cm. A maximum of 2 extensions can be used each side of the gate.

The gate opens in both directions and swings closed automatically.

It is also available in black, if required. Contact us for more information.


The Chelsea Security Gate is a quality gate that is very popular with parents. It helps to create a safe and secure environment for your little ones, by preventing children or pets from entering potentially hazardous areas of the home, without permanently blocking them off, as it is a pressure-mounted gate and so can easily be removed and then set up elsewhere if necessary.

This Chelsea gate has the following features:

  • The gate is very easy to install.
  • It is  sturdy and long-lasting.
  • It can be used all over the home and is suitable for pets as well.
  • It is perfect for temporary accommodation or a rental home!
  • It is easy for adults to open, but very challenging for children.
  • It opens in both directions
  • It utilises an easy one-handed opening system.

You simply measure the size of the gap that you wish to close off, consider the size of the gap that this gate can protect, which is 71-82cm and then see how many extensions you might need to purchase. These extensions are available in this section of our website. If you’re having any difficulties with your calculations or need any help, call us any time for friendly advice on (08) 9378 7745 or email

Additional information

Weight5003 g

No Extensions, 100cm Extension x 1, 100cm Extension x 2, 100cm Extension x 3, 100cm Extension x 4, 63cm Extension x 1, 63cm Extension x 2, 63cm Extension x 3, 63cm Extension x 4, 54cm Extension x 1, 54cm Extension x 2, 54cm Extension x 3, 54cm Extension x 4, 45cm Extension x 1, 45cm Extension x 2, 45cm Extension x 3, 45cm Extension x 4, 36cm Extension x 1, 36cm Extension x 2, 36cm Extension x 3, 36cm Extension x 4, 27cm Extension x 1, 27cm Extension x 2, 27cm Extension x 3, 27cm Extension x 4, 18cm Extension x 1, 18cm Extension x 2, 18cm Extension x 3, 18cm Extension x 4, 9cm Extension x 1, 9cm Extension x 2, 9cm Extension x 3, 9cm Extension x 4

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