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Healthy dogs and cats can usually swim short distances, but often can’t get out the pool due to steep edges and an inability to find the steps. Panic quickly leads to exhaustion. Barking is usually impossible once the dog is in the water. An animal can drown very quickly and quietly!

Simply secure the Safety Turtle to your pet’s collar and plug in the base station. If the Turtle sensor gets wet, it will instantly send a radio signal to the Base Station, which immediately sounds a loud alarm, alerting everyone that a pet has somehow made it to the pool!

Rain or spray from lawn sprinklers will not trigger the alarm. One base station can support an unlimited number of collar attachments (or wristbands for children).

(The price here is for the package of 1 base station and 1 Turtle sensor).


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No real records are kept of pet drowning figures in this country, but almost every vet or vet nurse can tell you stories of heartbroken families that have lost a beloved pet due to drowning.

Most dogs and cats can actually swim, but not all. In addition, an animal in the water that cannot quickly find the steps will start to panic, as they will usually find the edges way to steep to exit there. Unfortunately panic quickly leads to exhaustion, which can then very quickly lead to death. Pet drowning is usually completely silent, as barking is impossible once the animal is really struggling and going under.

A pool alarm such as the Safety Turtle can truly make all the difference in such a situation and the system is so easy to use and extremely lightweight and portable. One base station can support unlimited Turtle collar attachments and wristbands, for additional pets and children. The base station can pick up the Safety Turtle sensor from a distance of up to about 60m.

Of course, pets should always be monitored around pools and a suitable fence should be installed. The Safety Turtle offers an additional layer of protection to further lower the risk of a pet drowning.


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