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The Safety Turtle pool alarm system includes the base station and one wristband. If you require additional wristbands for additional children, they can be purchased here.

For more info on this product, see the “Safety Turtle Pool Alarm System For Children” product.

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Drowning is the biggest cause of death for children below the age of 5 in Australia. For every child that drowns, many more are left with permanent disabilities caused by brain damage, as the human brain suffers irreversible damage if deprived of oxygen for just a few minutes.

It is absolutely essential that children are properly supervised around water, a quality pool fence is installed and maintained according to Australian standards, children are taught to swim and that every parent/ grandparent learns CPR, as these can all help in the fight against drowning.

A quality pool alarm, such as the Safety Turtle, can help to further reduce the risk. No product  can replace supervision, but if a child wearing a Safety Turtle wristband falls into the pool and the Safety Turtle base station is plugged in, the base station will instantly sound an alarm.

The Safety Turtle base station can operate with an unlimited amount of wristbands at any time. The wristbands are permanently sealed and ruggedly built to withstand children playing. Rain or sprinklers should not trigger the alarm. Additional Safety Turtle wristbands can be purchased should you have more than one child, as the standard system includes the base station and one wristband only.



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