Wound dressing (4)


Most standard first-aid kits for the home and car have very little, if anything, to treat serious or major bleeding!

The majority of kits tend to have a handful of very thin and often small dressings, which can be used to cover up minor wounds, but are not very helpful in the case of a wound that is bleeding heavily.

A wound dressing consists of a thick pad (designed to hold blood and enable it to clot) that has been sewn into a long bandage. You simply place the pad on the wound and then quickly wrap the bandage around it. It makes it a great deal easier to treat severe bleeding quickly and effectively, as opposed to trying to hold a towel or similar to the wound and then bandage it in place.

Essential for every first-aid kit!




Wound dressings are simple, but highly effective, products that help to stop bleeding quickly and easily.

This pack of 4 wound dressings can be of great benefit to anyone who may have to treat bleeding at some stage.

Each wound dressing is individually wrapped and is sterile.

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Weight150 g
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