Berrcom Non-contact therm.


The Berrcom thermometer provides convenience and accuracy when taking a temperature.

You simply aim at the forehead and push one button and you have a temperature reading within a second, without even touching the child. This makes the product significantly easier to use and therefore more reliable than any other type of thermometer. Many parents struggle to get an accurate reading with an ear thermometer, for example, as you have to get the angle and depth correct or the reading may be off. Thermometers that go under the arm can be difficult to use on a wriggling, sick child and that’s when a forehead thermometer can be very helpful. You can even use it when your little one is asleep without risk of waking them.

The product can also be used to take a room temperature, as well as a surface temperature, for example to test how hot your little one’s food is.


This product has been in huge demand to COVID-19. Our original stock of Veratemp thermometers sold out quickly and this is the new replacement version.

Additional information

Weight400 g
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