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This first-aid kit is widely considered to be one of the best available for both the home and car. It is exceptionally popular for the following reasons:

  • All of the items are very clearly visible due to the design of the kit. You don’t have to go “digging” to find what you need in an emergency!
  • Many of the items are the exact same ones used by the ambulance services, such as the wound dressings for serious bleeding, which are lacking from many basic kits.
  • The kit clearly contains a large number of items for each type of situation, so you don’t run short!
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The First-aid and trauma kit available here is a top-quality kit, suitable for both the home and car. Many first-aid kits these days are severely under-stocked and really don’t contain a range of products that can be of any real benefit in an emergency.

This kit has been updated and upgraded over many years and contains a very large number of quality items. For example, both the burn dressings and wound dressings found in this kit are the same ones used by the emergency services in Australia.

The kit is exceptionally well-designed, the result being that you can quickly and easily locate what you need in a hurry!

This First-aid and trauma kit contains the following items:

  • Antiseptic spray (50ml)
  • Band-aids (25)
  • Blanket – shock (2)
  • Burnshield dressings
  • Cold pack – instant (3)
  • Combine dressings 20x42cm (2)
  • Crepe bandages 75mm (3)
  • Crepe bandages 100mm (2)
  • Dressing Island Compose 7.5 x 5cm (3)
  • Dressing Island Compose 8.25 x 65cm (3)
  • Dressing Island Compose 12 x 8.25cm (3)
  • Dressing Island Compose 18 x 8.25cm (3)
  • Eye pads (2)
  • Forceps (1)
  • Gauze swabs (3)
  • Gloves (2 pairs)
  • Paper tape (1)
  • Resus mask (1)
  • Saline 15ml (5 bottles)
  • Scissors (1)
  • Safety pins
  • Splinter probes (5)
  • Triangular bandages (2)
  • Wound dressings no 14 (4)

Additional information

Weight2050 g
No. of burn dressings

1 10x10cm Burnshield, 2 10x10cm & 1 20x20cm Burnshield, 4 10x10cm & 2 20x20cm Burnshield

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